Backpacks for CV School Students

THANK YOU FOR GIVING - Thanks to everyone involved, we were able to donate

77 backpacks to CV School District for the children who need them.


We are collecting backpacks (with the following list of supplies in each one)

for CV School District Students.

There are 100 homeless kids in the CV area and our goal is to provide all 100 of those children

with a full backpack to start the 2019/20 school year. 

Backpacks and supplies are to be dropped off at Achenbach's Pastry in Leola

no later than August 14

  1. pencil box
  2. pencil pouch with holes that fit in a 3-ring binder
  3. black expo dry erase marker
  4. 3-ring binder
  5. 2-pocket folder
  6. markers
  7. colored pencils
  8. glue stick
  9. small scissors
  10. #2 pencils
  11. pencil eraser tips
  12. crayons
  13. travel size tissues
  14. hand sanitizer