Sent via email on March 3, 2021 from a regular local customer

I picked up a cake on February 6 that Ali had decorated.  I had given her a picture of the face of my beautiful calico cat.    It really captured "Cal" as we call her.  It was done 3-dimensionally, with her black ears sticking up.  The colors of burnt orange, black, and white looked just like Cal, with one side of her face being black and the other burnt orange, with white around her mouth and pink nose.   Ali even captured that sinister look that Cal sometimes has on her face, and the ruff of white fur she has under her head.  Her brilliant green eyes stood out as well.  She was even able to depict Cal's elegant orange and black fluffy tail around the side of the 10" round cake and the black hairs curling out of Cal's ears.   We think Cal may be part Norweigen Forest Cat, with long-haired and fluffy lustrous fur.


Ali did a phenomenal job in capturing Cal.  Everyone who saw the cake was impressed with Cal's likeness and the colors.  We have been getting cakes from Achenbach's for years and have had many decorated by June or Joanna.   I was hoping, but was not confident, that anyone else would be as good.   What a wonderful surprise, "Cal" was one of the best that we have ever gotten.   We hated to cut the cake and into Cal's face, but we got consolation that Ali could make another if we wanted it.


Ali is a very talented decorator.  Please hang onto her.  We look forward to her future masterpieces.  


Additionally, as usual, your chocolate cake with peanut butter icing was moist and delicious, even days later. Most people who ate it knew what to expect with the quality of the cake itself.  For those who were experiencing your cake for the first time they said: "Where did you get this cake, it is absolutely fantastic, delicious and moist."


Just want to share a little of our family history surrounding birthdays and other occasions.   There was always a cake from Achenbach's, probably for the past 20 years.   Dad in particular and other family members as well anxiously anticipated the opening of the cake box to see what had been created this time by Achenbach's.  The cake helped make our parties and celebrations.  No matter who had a piece of cake, it was always the same reaction:  "Where did you get this cake?"


Thank you to Achenbach's for many wonderful cakes and thank you Ali for that unforgettable masterpiece of Cal's beautiful face.


With many thanks for many wonderful cakes and memories,,


Sent via email on Dec. 6, 2020

I just submitted an order for 6 of your Iced Rings - plain. If they can't be shipped right away, that's fine. I would like to have them by the week of the 21st for Christmas, if possible.  I just wanted to add that we have enjoyed your rings for many, many years.  We went camping near your bakery this past summer and visited your bakery for the first time that I can remember.  For years, my aunt had purchased rings from you and brought them to Christmas breakfast.  I'm so happy that you have a mail order service so that we can continue that tradition.  Merry Christmas and God Bless. 


CW – Delaware

Thank You Letters from June 8, 2019


I had ordered cupcakes from you for an event I had today and I just wanted to say thank you! They looked amazing and tasted delicious! Your decorators and bakers exceeded my expectations!

Thank you so much.

Sincerely, Julie S.


Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you for making our graduation cake! My daughter enjoyed it the design of it and the meaning behind it. Everyone also really enjoyed the flavors especially my husband who said it tasted like chocolate ice cream. Great job to all who had a hand in making our celebration! Thanks again! I look forward to round 2 in 3 years!

Tricia D.

April 13, 2018 . . . . From West Virginia (an exact retype of the letter received)

Dear Achenbach's Crew,

I just wanted to take the time to THANK whomever I talked to last Monday! My family and I live in WV and come to PA to visit family 1-2/yr. Each and every time we bring home long johns & vanilla rings (our favorite). Saturday before Easter we put in an order for our grandma to pick up since she lives in New Holland. We woke up Easter morning eager to indulge and found sticky rings instead of the Heavenly Vanilla Rings. We were quite dismay'd. We have never had sticky rings and didn't even know they existed so I know I didn't order them. Of course they were good but just not the same. I called Monday (with some reservation) and spoke w/ a wonderful lady who EVERSO - GRACIOUSLY mailed us 2 Vanilla Rings (w/ w/o Raisins)! I still cannot believe that you did that for us. The joy you brought in a few days later when the package arrived in the mail is unlike no other. Unfortunately we are NOT blessed w/ a bakery like yours around here :(

We will continue to be most loyal customers to your establishment in the years to come. Thank you again for taking that extra effort to make us feel special

April 2018 . . . .  A copy of a letter from Orlando FL. We just love Sophia's PS

Dear Achenbach's Pastry Inc..

I love love love . . . . . love your Long John's, all the flavors, rich creamy peanut butta', vanilla, chocolate, coconut, cream filled, I could go on and on and on all day long, I grew up on Achenbach's - simply the best. I love em', sent them to my wife and child in Orlando Florida, they were as good as the ones in your store - how do you do it.

I was visiting friends in PA, like I said I have been eating Long John's since the 70's, dad took me there. Rode my bike there as a teenager, cannot get enough, so of course I turned my 5 year old Sophia en to em', SHE LOVES EM'. Wife loves them, loves them and my wife does not get excited about much these days. You should of heard the phone call when she got that box of fresh long john's and those icing tubes . . . OMG.

Happy to say the least. Oh, by the way I live in Orlando but I was actually in your store in Leola, friend drove me during a visit. Tried to pay the girl several times, cash and credit card, she said; "we'll bill you sir". It was like 1865 and I was in the ole' General store, love it. So here is my $70.30 payment and you deserve every penny, sooooo delicious. Yummy.

I even had some after I got home and they are still just as good in the mail, I was shocked. WE WILL ORDER AGAIN. Kepp up teh great baking. Love it.

Shoofly Pie . . . email received on 3/10/16

Howdy to ye Achenbach bakery folks!

I hail from South Carolina and was in your area for a wedding on Sat. March 5th. I asked local relatives where the best shoofly pies are built in the area and was pointed to your bakery. Like a sucker I Bought several pies and WOW are they delicious?!!! With a good hot stout cup of java and a liberal sized slice of pie life one can face any day with a smile! The young cashier lady was most accommodating and helpful. . . Thanks a lot for your friendly service and a great product!


WHAT a Treat . . . . email received on 2/5/16

Yesterday a friend of mine brought over a box of Achenbach's cookies. Even though I have lived in this county for over 12 years, I have never had any baked goods from Achenbach's. Now I see that I have missed out! I had heard about your Long Johns, and I'm sure they are delicious, too. Yesterday I had decorated Lepp Cookies and not only were they beautiful, but the frosting and the cookie were scrumptious. I live in Mountville but am definitely going to make a point of taking a trip out to Leola!

I looked over your website today, too. Congratulations on a fine and successful local business!


WEDDING CAKE . . . . email received on 9/2/15

My husband and I want to thank whoever was involved in baking, decorating and delivering our wedding cake for all that they did to add to our day!

The cake was beautiful and delicious (we have some leftovers and have been enjoying a piece frequently).

I had a wonderful experience working with Achenbach's and will definitely recommend your bakery to several of my engaged friends :)

All the best and thanks again!

Natalie from Bird in Hand

WEDDING CAKE . . . . email received on 4/28/15

"We are so glad we ordered our wedding cake from Achenbach’s. The cake turned out just as we imagined and was delivered promptly and set up with care. The taste was wonderful. Another bride even asked us where we got our cake because she liked it so much, that she was interested for her own wedding! The price was wonderful and the staff was definitely one of our favorite parts, very helpful, kind, and professional. Would highly recommend Achenbach’s for your wedding cake or for other occasions!"

Keri & Kyle; Smoketown, PA

Long John Cake . . . . posted on 4/26/15

what a beautiful cake made of long john's and so delicious!! wanted something different for our grandson's birthday - since he is not much of a cake lover. WOW!!! what a hit with everyone at the party!! did i mention the price was very reasonable!! thank you so very much everyone at achenbach's pastry, especially the girl who took my phone order!! she was so pleasant - sorry i can't remember her name!!

Esther W.

A Happy Customer . . . . 2/23/15

Here's the picture of the cake your staff did for me back in August. It was my husband's last birthday before he passed away in October. He was fighting brain cancer for 4 years. But his last birthday was the best day he had in those last couple months! He laughed and had such a good time and was especially thrilled with his cake as was all our guests. My nickname for him was Honey Bear - so your staff decorated this cake perfectly!

Please tell your decorators that I think they are the best in the county!

Francine from Leola

An email from New York & New Jersey on 5/11/13

I am writing this to thank you for your tasty bakery . Me and my family come every year to Lancaster . We call and order some of those amazing Moravian cake and other things . So much we freeze some to make last longer till next year .i only wish you where closer.

Thank you so much,


A letter from a USPS customer from Raceland, KY on 8/23/2012

I would like to personally thank you for the expedient service that you gave to my order. My daughter and son-in-law have lived in Kentucky, Florida and now Texas and they think your pastries are the best they have tasted. Having once been a resident of New Holland and also the home of my grandparents I agree that you simply are the best. I look forward to my next order.

Sent via email on May 26, 2012

I always order your fruit stollen in November, usually about 5, and then my son sends me one for Christmas. They last into February since I'm the only one eating them. They freeze really well and I cut one piece at a time and keep each one frozen in 2 jumbo Ziplocs.

I just received 2 fruit stollen loaves my son found online in Chicago for my birthday/Mother's Day gift. I appreciate his thoughtfulness but they are more like a dry coffee cake. Of course I'll eat them but Achenbachs is definitely number ONE in the fruit stollen bakers. Please don't ever change your recipe, it's the best. I look forward each year for November to order my fruit stollens.

Chris from Blairsville, GA

A note received from our website

Every time I come down from upstate New York and buy doughnuts from your store and bring them home, they are gone in one day they are so yummy and very fresh.


3/8/12 This was from a USPS mail order customer

Thank you so much for the fasnachts! I have missed Lancaster County for so long while I’m away in grad school. It was awesome to have a little piece of home for at least a few days. Achenbach’s is the best bakery hands down. May God grant your success for many more years!

Warmest Regards,

Alexis from Oklahoma

Via email on 2/24/12

We recently were visiting Wayne and had your donuts at the Lancaster Farmers Market and they were the best we’ve had – very similar to the ones that Hershey Bakery made in the 1970-80’s.

Marlene from Hershey PA

Sent via email on 2/21/12

I was diagnosed on December 15 with colon cancer. Since then I have been going to Mercy Hospital in Baltimore MD for outpatient chemo. The receptionist who does the scheduling had got me in at an earlier time for today's chemo because I live so far away. I told her that I would bring long john's for her. I asked her if she knew what a long john is. She said "isn't it something that you wear to keep you warm?" I then explained to her that it is a type of pastry.

I got a dozen of variety of long johns and took them down today. She was so thrilled! She ate a peanut butter one thinking that it was a butterscotch like the icing that Tasty Kake puts on their crumpets. I laughed! She still loved the peanut butter, and the rest of the nurses raved about the long johns!

Keep up the great work!

From the same person on 2/23/12

We have so many stories of how your company has blessed our family with your delicious cakes and long john cakes. My niece got married in May and got her cake there. My brother works in Washington D.C. as a firefighter and when he has to supply desserts for some of his guys he always gets his cakes there and we also get many of our birthday cakes and for my boys I have gotten 2 long john cakes there.

We feel a part of your family LOL!



From Blue Ball, PA

February 19, 2012

Please accept my many "thanks" for the King Cakes I bought for a recent Mardi Gras Party at The Village Grande Community in Lancaster, PA.

My purchase of 13 of your fabulous looking---and more importantly---incredible tasting King Cakes---provided "the icing on the cake" for our party of 80 residents.

The freshness and colorful appearance were commented on by everyone. You are the best!

Thank you.


Lancaster, PA


I would like to thank you very much for the fine pastries you provide. I have been a fan of Achenbach’s for years. Not only are your pastries the best, you also have efficient service. I know when I place an order it will get your very best effort. Thanks again!

Mr. Hoffman in Kentucky

Emailed to us November 15, 2010 (June is one of our cake decorators)

Please let June know how awesome the cake was for my daughters baby shower. It was perfect. It was the one with the little woodland animals on it. (Whooooooooooooo's coming?) My daughter loved it and it was exactly what I was hoping it would be. Plus, it was so delicious.

Just wanted to let you know how happy it made me.

Thank you sooooooooooooo much!


Received 10/23/2010 from Darlene from Missouri

Dear Friends,

When I was in your area Sept. 21, I bought a Shoofly Pie. I wanted to share it with my friends in Bible Study. When I came home, she had to make a trip to Colorado so she cancelled class. Then I forgot the pie when she returned. After 1 month from purchase, my husband said he’d like to eat it, so we cut the pie. It was AMAZING! It was wonderful. Thanks you so much. I used to live on North Hershey in Bareville years ago.

Thank you very much for resending the shoofly pies. Everyone truly enjoyed them. This is my third military deployment, twice to Iraq, and now in Afghanistan. As an ER doctor, taking care of the troops is my responsibility. Allowing them to enjoy a special treat that I cherish from my childhood was my intention. I have been ordering from Achenbach’s for years and never had an issue with shipping. I will be returning to Florida in Nov and anticipate ordering more pies to share with family and friends for the holidays. Your kindness is in the typical tradition of the wonderful Amish people. Wishing you and the business the best always.

Jim Patrick

This was mailed to us from a USPS customer:  

August 28, 2010

Once again the Achenbach’s tradition rises to the top, with great service and a quality pastry that equals no other. You simply are the BEST. As a one time resident of New Holland, I learned early where to get the best Pastries. Now a resident in Kentucky, I still find that no one can come close to Achenbach’s.

From Marty in Kentucky

August 29, 2010

Better late than never, but I wanted to let you know that the mini-whoopies worked out fantastic for my daughter’s wedding in Massachusetts. Thanks again for all your help in making her request come to fruition.

Pam (mother of the bride)

New Holland, Pa

ordered for July 20, 2010

August 14, 2010

To everyone at Achenbach's,

My family's recent trip from Hamburg, PA, to your bakery in Leola was well worth the trip! The birthday cake I had ordered for no one in particular since it was no one's birthday, was fantastic! Minus the signature flowers on Bender's Bakery's birthday cakes, it was the same delicious cake!! The decorator did a fabulous job as well! Thank you for having a special chocolate cake complete with a coconut topping made for my daughter. That too was spectacular! We also purchased peach muffins, a cranberry orange muffin, strawberry-filled chocolate iced donuts, and a peach pie that was out of this world. The lovely young woman who waited on us was very personable. I have already been spreading the word about your fantastic bakery. You have no idea what it means to me to have found a bakery that makes what I think is the BEST birthday cake!!!!

Thank you!

Darlene Wenhold

April 16, 2010

I finally made my trip from Wilmington to your bakery last Wednesday. It was a beautiful day and the perfect excuse to drive up through Amish Country for your treats.

The strawberry/rhubarb crumb pie was delicious - sweeter and not as tart as my mother's. I shared it with my young neighbors and although they had never heard of rhubarb, they really liked it. The walnut brownies were to die for! Oh my goodness. I shared them as well but kept keeping a few more back for me - cutting them into bite size morsels of decadence.

I also enjoyed the muffins, especially the blueberry. The Bear Claw was also very good (my primary reason for coming up), and I shared the 2nd one with my neighbors too. And the whole wheat bread was good, although half of the loaf didn't survive more than a few days and got some mold on it yesterday. With just me, it didn't get eaten up fast enough.

Last, but definitely not least, I popped the cinnamon donut holes in my mouth on the drive home and they were fun and just a great little snack. My very, ultimate favorite were the Glazed Donuts!!!! I'm so glad I bought 2 because I couldn't resist keeping one for home and ate them both driving back.

I've never tasted glazed donuts as wonderful as these. So fresh, soft, and the whole thing melts in your mouth. After I ate the first one, the 2nd one was calling my name. Definitely on my 'Top Ten Favorites' food list. Wow.

I hope you have a great day and thanks for such yummy bakery treats! It was well worth the trip.



NH fair 2009 - LJ eating contest

I just wanted to thank you for holding the competition and contributing to all of us having a great time each year. I talked my reluctant grandson, Christopher, into entering this year and he won for his age group. He had a huge smile ear to ear for the rest of the weekend!

Best Regards,


October 2009

Dear friends:

Last week I took my parents to visit the area. My father is a retired baker. He worked for various bakeries, trained bakers, and was employed by the Intercontinental Hotels for many years. His 50 years of experience in the baking industry encourages him to visit bakeries when he is travelling. He likes to explore all kind of bakeries. Last week I took him to your bakery where we bought many kinds of pastries. He had a very good feedback on your excellent pastries. One detail that got the attention is how clean the place is kept.


Pastor Frantz

Wedding Event Testimonial

I wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the smooth follow-through of the delivery of the whoopee pies at my wedding and how AWESOME they were. A huge hit - friends and family are still talking about them and the creativity to have a special Dutch treat at a wedding. Thank you for attention to this order - it was great to feel confident that I didn't have to do any kind of following up or even think about it - you made it all happen, so thank you for that.

Andrea Kirby Perego

Washington, DC.

Hello, I just wanted to say Thank you for doing our wedding cake. We were married on June 14, 2008. The cake was delicious as well as beautiful. After meeting with June I knew she knew what we wanted and I was completely comfortable mailing her the ribbon she put on top of our cake and knowing that it would turn out beautiful. The flowers were so realistic looking our granddaughter kept trying to smell them.

Everyone commented on how beautiful as well as delicious the cake was! Thanks again for a wonderful job. I can't wait to taste the top layer next year!


Wernersville, PA

My name is Valerie. My husband and I had our wedding cake done by your bakery a little over a year ago, and it was amazing. We no longer live in Lancaster County, but we will be in the area this weekend. Is it possible to order just a plain, standard size red velvet cake with your regular red velvet icing with no decorations to be picked up this Saturday?

It doesn't have to be fancy, but it just tasted so good that we would love to have a repeat performance.

Please let me know if this is a possibility. Thank you!



Somerset County (near Johnstown, PA)

I LOVE your bakery!

I make a special trip at least once a month to go to your bakery SPECIFICALLY for the Lepp Sugar Cookies!

I work at a Giant bakery and I once worked at a Wegman's bakery in NJ and your bakery BY FAR, blows them all away!



I lived in Leola about 30 years ago. I now live in Elkhart, Indiana. My father and I use to go to Achenbach’s every Saturday for your Long Johns. I have a young lady that works for me here in South Bend while she is going to school. She lives in PA and I told her about your Long Johns. She had her mother ship out to her in South Bend Long Johns for me and my family. My father and I were in tears because it brought back so many great memories.

The kind like we used to get 4 dozen but my dad and I ate maybe a dozen on the way home. Just him and I. My sisters and Mother never knew we got 4 dozen, they thought we only got 3 dozen. It was a secret my Father and I always had.

It was a good time for the both of us to eat them again. Now we know we can get them any time. My father is 78 and I may not have many years left with him, but I wanted to say thank you for getting them to us in such good shape, and for letting us have a nice memory we shared together. They tasted just like they did 30 years ago. Oh by the way we finally told my Mother and sisters about my dad's and my secret. Mom already knew but... my sisters were a bit mad until I gave them a Long John. Thank you and God Bless you all!